Microsoft redesigns OneNote UI to make it some-more zodiacally accessible

OneNote is changing to advantage users with prophesy and mobility impairments, Microsoft announced Thursday. The redesign will place navigation on a left-hand rail, where shade readers and Microsoft’s possess Narrator will find it some-more accessible.

The redesign will ask to what Microsoft calls a Windows 10 (or UWP) chronicle of OneNote, as good as a versions for iOS and Android, a Mac, and a Web. The normal Win32 chronicle of a program will apparently sojourn unaffected.

Microsoft OneNote everywhere Microsoft

In Microsoft’s vision, calm will be immediately updated on other devices.

Microsoft pronounced a redesign will streamline a demeanour and feel of OneNote opposite platforms, so that changes done to a ask on a iPad, for example, will uncover adult on a Windows 10 PC. By fixation a navigation on a left-hand rail, screen-reading utilities can simply navigate by a app to assistance those with prophesy impairment, Microsoft pronounced in a blog post

Microsoft has already built assistance for a visually or mobility-impaired directly into Windows 10, with a hands-free, Cortana-driven out-of-the-box setup experience. In a arriving Fall Creators Update, Microsoft pronounced Thursday that it skeleton to supplement a underline that lets Windows 10’s Narrator duty explain keyboard commands and review apps some-more like a webpage Windows will even use appurtenance training to “read” images and yield descriptions where nothing are available.

Microsoft OneNote UI Microsoft

It appears that OneNote users will be means to cringe a navigation UI to make it some-more usable.

While a OneNote redesign is dictated to assistance those who need programmed assistance, it appears to sack a estimable volume of shade genuine estate. In OneNote 2016, a user has a choice of displaying notebooks and sections along a tip of a page, or even banish a navigation to a drop-down menu in full-screen mode. In a redesign, a 3 navigation elements in a OneNote hierarchy—Notebooks, Sections, and Pages—each have a earthy mainstay clinging to them. The area to jot records appears to have been almost reduced, and a full-screen workspace idol does not appear.

Video of a new changes within Microsoft’s blog post, however, appears to uncover one or only dual columns in use, suggesting a columns will possibly “fly out” or restrict when not in use. Microsoft didn’t immediately respond to a ask for comment.

What we’d wish for: Placing OneNote’s navigation on a left-hand rail to advantage shade readers creates sense, and a choice to boost a distance of a UI does, too. Ideally Microsoft will strike some concede between users who need a incomparable interface, however, and those whose work competence be visually detained by incomparable navigation elements.