This is a Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft is holding an eventuality on Monday, May 23 in Shanghai, China where it will betray a widely-anticipated modernise of a Surface Pro 4 laptop-class Windows 10-powered tablet, famous as simply a Surface Pro. But we won’t have to wait until afterwards to check out a new indication from all angles.

This is not a indiscriminate redesign, to be sure: it looks really most a same as a predecessor, initial expelled in late 2015 alongside a company’s innovative Surface Book (whose inheritor will not entrance in Shanghai, according to someone informed with a company’s plans).

Instead, a upgrades here are by and vast inner (thus a “refresh” characterization). It’s really most a “tock” release, to use vernacular ordinarily compared with S-branded Apple iPhone models.

As discretionary accessories, a coop and keyboard — will be accessible in a choice of 4 colors matching — though not matching — to a recently-launched Surface Laptop’s palette.

Stop by again on Monday for VentureBeat’s coverage of specifications, pricing, and recover details.